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Πάρκινγκ στη Λαμια

Our company is located at 5 Enianon Street in the center of Lamia.

We offer unique parking services, 7 days a week, putting safety first and striving for an unparalleled customer experience. The car park is equipped with modern car elevators, advanced safety systems and highly skilled personnel.

Thanks to our excellent location, you have direct access to the commercial area, most of the public and municipal services, as well as to a wide range of cafés and bars. Eleftherias Square and the pedestrian precinct of Riga Fereou, two of the city’s most vibrant areas, as well as the three star “Samaras” hotel are located less than a minute away.

Everything we do is driven by you!!!


Ασφαλές Parking Lamia

The car park consists of ten (10) floors with a total capacity of 300 lots.

The whole building is equipped with firefighting equipment and is under 24 hour surveillance using a high tech CCTV (closed-circuit television) system of 75 cameras and video recorders.

Furthermore, an electric generator is available in case of a power outage.

Our experienced staff members receive your car at the entrance and transport it to its parking space using elevators and thus avoiding the use of ramps, which can be dangerous for the vehicles and may cause damage to the engine and the tires.

Please note that all floors are free of obstacles, while access is strictly restricted to our staff.


Το πιο οικονομικό πάρκινγκ στη Λαμία




Parking time                     Price

1-30 mins                             3€

31 mins - 1 hour                   4€

1 hour - 3 hours                   5€

3 hours - 8 hours                 6€

8 hours - 10 hours               7€

10 hours - 12 hours             8€

12 hours - 16 hours             9€

16 hours - 24 hours             10€

1€ for every three hours after the first twenty-four hours (8€ per 24h parking time)

By far the best and most affordable parking service downtown




Monday to Thursday: 6:45a.m.-2:00a.m (19 hours).

Fridays and Saturdays: open all day long and overnight.

Sunday 6:45a.m.-1:00a.m (18 hours).